Ben Finley: Cello, Bass, Improv

Ben Finley grew up on a music farm in Ontario, Canada and now plays the bass, composes, and writes. He is interested in exploring improvisation and multi-stylistic compositional models for original ensembles. Ben is also interested in the lifetime pursuit of attuned bass playing which he explores in acoustic and electric environments through his primary instruments: the double bass and the electric bass tuned in 5ths and other alternate tunings. He is involved with a multitude of projects in Toronto and Los Angeles and is currently working on several upcoming album releases of original works including a bass and voice duo called Kat and Ben, who have recorded at Capitol Records, and a stylistically diverse chamber music collective called Weaving Locus, who presented at the International Society of Improvising Musicians in 2016. Ben also enjoys teaching double bass masterclasses at the California Institute of the Arts and with organizations like the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles and Harmony Project. He completed his Masters in the Performer-Composer program at the California Institute of the Arts and his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Music Performance and Philosophy.

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